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New Items

New Items

Landscape Painting


Painting of a green hued landscape in a beautiful white frame. This gorgeous painting of a tranquil green landscape evokes a serene and peaceful sensation (Item #3473)/ 

Vintage Porcelain Lamp


This large vintage lamp has a porcelain based painted in gold and auburn tones with a white lampshade (Item # 3437). If this isn't your style, come visit us to see our entire stock of vintage and contemporary lamps.  

Dutch Wooden Shoes


Dutch children put these traditional wooden shoes by the chimney or windowsill on the 5th of December in the hopes that Sinterklaas (St. Nikolas) will fill them with presents. This pair is painted yellow with an Imported Heineken Beer logo on each side. (Item # 2172) 

Unique Wall Sconce


This large vintage wall sconce in the shape of a female face surrounded by grapes is bound to be an eye-catcher! (Item # 3784)

Vintage Italian Painting


This vintage painting of a small girl kneeling in prayer is in a convex glass gilt frame. This lovely piece will add a graceful and serene mood to any room. (Item # 3144)
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